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Establishing your ID password

Beginning in January 2018, LARKS members have their own individual ID/Password - and the option of using your existing Google ID - for accessing secure areas of the website - and content based on your id and membership status.

To start the process, existing members - and new members as they join - will receive an email with a link to allow you to set your initial password. Your ID will be your AMA number. (If you don't receive an email - please check your 'junk' mail folder, and be sure we have your correct Email and AMA number in the club roster. To resend the email, visit the login page, and near middle of page enter your ID/AMA number under 'Password Reset', then click on 'Set/Reset Password'.)

Clicking on the link (one time use - must be used within 24 hours of receipt) - will bring you to the Login page to set/reset your password.

Once your password is set, you will have the option to associate a Google ID with your account. Click 'Sign in with Google' button if you wish to do so. This will allow you to use Google for future logins on our site. (This is OPTIONAL - you can stop at this point if you don't wish to use Google to login. It can be added to your id later.)


If not already signed into Google, you will receive the normal Google signin pages. LARKS does not see or manage your Google password. (If you are already signed in to Google on your device, you will not see these screens.) You may also be asked for permission to share infomation with LARKS R/C Club. We only see/use your basic identity information (name, email, etc) and do not store it.



You will be returned to LARKS login page following successful verification from Google and should see a message that your Google ID has been associated with your LARKS account. Once signed in, you will see a status message at the top of most pages including your name, and your LARKS and AMA membership status.


That's all there is to it for now... You can start using your ID now for access to members information. At the end of January, the old access will be disabled, and use of the new IDs (LARKS or Google) will be required for access to restricted information.



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