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AMA Membership

LARKS is a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) - the national organization promoting out sport/hobby. All members of LARKS must be current AMA members.
Youth membership is available for only $15/year for those under 19 by July 1 of current year!
Discounted memberships for those 65 and over or for additional adults at same address.

AMA offers both 'Full' and 'Park Flyer' Memberships. Either is acceptable for LARKS Membership.
'Park Flyer' members are restricted to models under 2 pounds in weight and cannot be powered by an internal combustion engine.

Effective September 2015, AMA changed their membership year to be 12 months from when you join/renew - rather than calendar year.

Join or Renew your AMA Membership

LARKS Membership

The LARKS membership application documents is available for download below. An signed application, and liability release for use of the landfill are required. All documents must be completed and signed by the applicant and submitted at the LARKS Club Meeting generally held monthly on the last Thursday of every month.
Annual Adult dues are currently $100 with a one time initiation fee of $130.
Family Member dues are currently $50 with a one time initiation fee of $65.
Junior/Youth Mmeber (by AMA definition) are currently $20.

LARKS Membership Application (Adult and Family)

LARKS Youth/Junior Membership Application

Astatula Landfill Hold Harmless

LARKS Rules - Astatula Landfill

FAA Registration

Since 2017, the FAA requires those flying models over .5 pounds under the 'Special Rule for Model Aircraft' to register with the FAA. Registration is $5 for a 3 year period. Your FAA number must be on or in your aircraft (accessible without tools.)
LARKS does not monitor or track compliance with FAA registration - it is the pilot's responsibility to comply.
We recommend using the links below to register/renew. There are sites that will 'assist' you in applying for an additional fee. Use of the formal FAA sites is very simple and costs only the $5 fee.

FAA UAS Information

Register with FAA (Select 'Fly Model Aircraft Under Section 336')

Login to FAA Drone Zone to view your information

Neither standard AMA coverage nor this FAA registration cover commercial use of a 'drone' or any usage outside that defined in the AMA Safety Code and the FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft (Section 336). Commercial usage requires registration with FAA per Part 107. AMA does offer Commercial Drone Insurance to its members as an optional service.

Please Contact Us if you need assistance! Thank you!


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